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Many athletes have looked to Dr. Davidson to recover from sports injuries. He is an Official Consultant of the NFL and MLB. He has worked extensively with professional, collegiate and high school athletes. He is the Medical Director of several Ski Organizations. Here in Utah he treats not only elite athletes, but many active adults and youth looking to maintain an athletic lifestyle of their choosing. Whether it is coaching youth soccer, skiing weekends or participating in competitivesports, Dr. Davidson treats each and every athlete with the imperative to optimize their recovery and maximize their individual result.

Sports medicine orthopedics involves incorporating the most modern, advanced surgical and rehabilitation techniques to optimally return injured athletes to their sports and active lifestyles. Many active people sustain injury to knees or shoulders. How these injuries are diagnosed and treated is critically important and very different among health care providers. Sports medicine physicians are particularly skilled in using surgical skills to facilitate the optimal return to sport and activity for their active patients following a knee or shoulder injury. This includes prompt diagnosis, cutting edge treatments and surgery, and interactive rehabilitation.

Two very common sports injuries are tears to the ACL (knee) and the rotator cuff (shoulder). For active people, the proper diagnosis, repair and rehabilitation of these injuries will make a world of difference in the patient’s ability to return to an active lifestyle. The skill of an experienced sports medicine specialist is critical to the patients’ successful recovery and ultimate outcome.

ACL injury is a common knee ailment in athletes. A physical exam by an experienced knee surgeon, combined with specifically selected imaging techniques, can yield a precise and detailed diagnosis, allowing comprehensive and ideal treatment from the outset. For example, where standard MRI imaging has limited ability to see articular cartilage, a sports medicine specialist may use 3T MRI imaging to visualize cartilage damage, yielding important information that guides treatment. Once the diagnosis is made, selecting the most appropriate and effective reconstruction graft is vitally important. Depending upon the patient’s age, health and prior surgical history, grafts can be taken from the patient, the tissue bank, or a combination of these. In addition, the usage of growth factors and stem cells can accelerate healing from ACL reconstruction. The most skilled sports medicine physicians expertly use these and other techniques.

Rotator Cuff injury can lead to pain at rest as well as with activity. Once torn, this shoulder tendon has little or no capacity for self-healing, because it is under tension and retracts accordingly. Repair of a torn rotator cuff is time-sensitive, but prompt diagnosis and treatment will typically lead to positive outcomes. Once a tear is identified, the technique selected to repair the injury is critical to successful repair, recovery and restoration of strength. Advanced techniques, many of which are performed arthroscopically, include a two-row anatomic repair, locking support anchors and special suturing configurations. In addition, biological augmentation can promote more rapid healing and recovery. The use of platelet-rich plasma, growth factors and stem cells can all promote recovery in certain situations. The return to athletics following a rotator cuff injury is dependent on a host of factors, including prompt, comprehensive diagnostics, cutting edge surgical techniques and coordinated post-operative therapy. A sports medicine specialist brings this expertise to optimize the patent’s healing.

For active people and athletes, a sports medicine orthopedic specialist is critical for a successful return to sport and an active lifestyle.

What Some of Our Sports Injury Patients Say.

I would like to share the journey I have traveled; and the success I have reached due to selecting Dr. Phil Davidson as my surgeon.

To begin with, I am a long distance runner and triathlete competing for over 20 years. My first accident was at age 20, training on my road bike when I was struck and pulled under a semi-truck.

As a result of the accident I had a broken pelvis, fractured femur, fractured ankle, rotator cuff tear, dislocated shoulder, and muscle injury in my leg. Nine surgeries and nearly one year later I was able to return to training and competing again. I attribute my successful recovery to the Feldenkrias Method, of which I have become a practioner.

During the winter of 2010 I sustained a knee injury getting off a chairlift. With some difficulty I was able to continue training and during that summer I competed in 5 events/races in an 11 week period: 13,16,13,26,26 miles. In the last marathon, my right knee cap was pulled off to the side, detaching most of itself. I could hardly weight bear following my finish of the Marathon. In the following days it was clear something was really wrong with my right knee/leg. Often when stepping, it would just buckle, and I had lost my ability to run. I saw my doctor who recommended an MRI to truly understand what has happened to me. Once I had the MRI, I scheduled appointments with a few surgeons. I always believe ( after 13 surgeries), it is best to get more than one opinion.

I was told by another excellent Doctor that I would never run again, and that I needed a full knee replacement. I left his office with my heart shattered.

Now, for the second time in my life, I was being told I could never run again.

Then I had my appointment with Dr. Phil Davidson. What impressed me the most with him was the following; his knowledge, expertise and ability to articulate the procedure he would do to save my right knee cap; therefore, hopefully making it possible for me to run again. While discussing the procedure, I truly appreciated him going into great detail and answering all my questions. He explained a detailed surgical plan which potentially included cutting the tibia to realign it. While I was not thrilled about the idea of cutting the tibia, I was grateful to him for explaining all possibilities to me.

But, truly what struck me the most was his genuine concern for me as a woman, a person, a runner, and an athlete. It wasn’t so much that he could do a “wonderful surgery” as much as his compassion. I’ll never forget at the end of my first visit how he sensed my despair. He encouraged me to take time to consider his recommendation feel ready for the surgery. He felt I needed time to be emotionally and spiritually prepared, and once I was ready, he would be happy to do my surgery. I left his office knowing when ready, he was the right surgeon for me.

March 7th was the date.

The surgery went super well and Dr. Davidson didn’t have to cut into my tibia. He said I did great! What I knew was that, he did great! I started Physical therapy immediately at home, then with Alpine PT as an outpatient. I had limited visits and quickly began rehab on my own. I was progressing nicely when at the 3 month post op visit Dr. Davidson gave me the go-ahead to start running. I could hardly believe it.

After 9 months of no running, now I could try to run again. That first try was on a treadmill…I was so scared. I got on, and began to run, I could hardly believe I was running again. It was so emotional for me I had to stop and cry.

Since then, I have continued to run 5-6 days a week. I began to head outside and mix up my runs. I found trail running up the mountains in some ways easier than the roads. For so many months I had not really put full pressure on my leg.

A few weeks ago I ran in my first, shall we say race, it was a 10k…I ran a 45…I was very pleased considering all I had been through. Now I am up to 16 mile runs on the trails and shooting for 20 miles this weekend. Yes, I did indeed run 20 miles this weekend from Deer Valley to the Canyons all on trails…What shocked me the most is I ran only 1 minute longer than a year ago………I guess I could say I have fully recovered.

To sum it up, I am beyond grateful to Dr. Davidson. He brought back into my life my greatest pleasure and passion in my life, running. Every day I stop on my run to be grateful for the wonderful life I have!

Thank you so much Dr. Davidson for bringing back my greatest joy!

Sharon S.
(Trailrunner, Athlete, Feldenkrias Practioner – 1 year following knee resurfacing and repair)

Sharon S., Trailrunner, Athlete, Feldenkrias Practioner – 1 year following knee resurfacing and repair