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Pick Up Right Where You Left Off
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from Davidson Orthopedics.

Our patient’s goals are pretty consistent:  they want to restore and preserve their normal anatomy and function to get back to their magnificent everyday lives.  Whether you run two marathons a year, descend two thousand vertical every weekend, make a living with your two legs, or find joy chasing two babies or fur-babies around the park — your hopes and dreams, your fun and independence, your responsibilities and whimsies often depend upon your orthopedic health.  It’s your life, after all, and we want to help you live it your way.

That’s why we customize each and every treatment to each and every individual, in light of their unique circumstance, pathology and healing capabilities, to find the best solutions from biologic to prosthetic.

We consider the full spectrum of methods, technologies and treatments, including the constant incorporation of new options as medical technology and knowledge advances at the speed of light.  In order to do this, we maintain a deep and comprehensive understanding of pathology and of the evolving continuum of the full realm of available options and treatments.

If it sounds like a lot of work, it is.  But it’s also Dr. Phil Davidson’s life’s work and passion.

Cartilage restoration.  Joint resurfacing. Marrow stimulation. Biological restoration. Mosiacplasty. Chondral auto and allografts. Bio-synthetics/scaffolds. Modulated therapy. Cellular therapy. Inlay arthroplasty. Micro-invasive prostheses. Digitally custom inlay.  At Davidson Orthopedics, we’re not an advocate for any one device or procedure.  We are only advocates for whatever the perfect thing is for each patient.  We’re continually learning and staying at the forefront of new things, so that when you walk through our door, we can offer the one solution that’s just what you need.

Have faith again. Have confidence again.  Technology and science are on your side, and so are we.

My husband and I had planned a trip to Peru this summer and I was a little nervous about how the knee would handle long hikes and climbs. We returned last weekend and I want to tell you that not for a single moment did I have a problem with my knee.


It has been four years since I could ski and it was pure joy to be back at it again!! My knee pain stopped me from so many wonderful activities and opportunities. I’ve now started up skiing again, and am acting and modeling. You did a wonderful job and saved me from years of pain to come.

Caitlin L.

It’s been exactly three weeks since you did my Osteochondral Allograft surgery on my left knee, and I’m feeling great! For so long I thought I would just have to live with the pain, but I honestly cant believe the immediate relief I felt after surgery, and am still amazed that I have not felt any of that pain since!

Mikaela C.
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The most important thing is helping you regain your lifestyle.

Whenever there is an injury or accident, the largest concern for our patients is how long will it take to recover. To be back to full strength and full mobility. At Davidson Orthopedics we make that our number one priority.

Our whole team is behind you.