Project Description

As a highly sought after orthopedic specialist, many patients travel to Utah to treat with Dr. Davidson. There are several ways to engage with him and his team to initiate a query and care. Easiest is to submit information in our CONTACT US tab. Some patients elect to come to Utah for an in-person consultation and then return at a later date for surgical care. Others choose to travel and have a consultation followed by surgery during that same visit. Depending upon the exact surgery and situation, patients typically stay in Utah for follow up between 3 and 7 days after surgery. Follow up care is customized by the patient and may involve evaluation in Utah, coordinated care with physicians in their hometown, or often a combination. The Davidson Orthopedic team is committed to making the experience of out-of-town surgical care smooth and successful. We can assist with all aspects of your stay in Utah, fromcoordinating the preoperative consultation, to arranging surgery, coordinating with insurance, setting up logistics such as transfers and hotels, nursing, rehab and optimum recovery.