Project Description

Stem Cell therapy entails utilizing cells that are not mature to promote growth and healing in a situation where healing might otherwise be delayed or impaired.

There is now very exciting data to show that stem cells can actually regrow articular cartilage. In addition, stem cells can be used in other areas of the body to promote healing, decrease inflammation and decrease pain. Stem cells work by responding to local stimuli and can become the type of cell most needed in a given situation. An example would be in the joint, the stem cells can become a chondrocyte, which is the type of cell that makes actual cartilage.

PatientGuidetoStemCellTherapyStem cells can come from different sources. Historically in the United States stem cells have been drawn from the bone marrow of the patient receiving the cells. This technique is very limiting, as adults have relatively few stem cells in their marrow and drawing the cells is painful and time consuming. Dr. Davidson currently advises his patients to utilize allogeneic stem cells taken from amniotic tissue. At the time of elective Caesarean birth, the layer that surrounds the baby (amniotic tissue) is now being tissue banked, rather than discarded as was historically the case. This tissue and these cells are then very specially tested and processed for subsequent injection and usage in patients.

Stem cell therapy is currently being used at Davidson Orthopedics for cartilage restoration in adults. Dr. Davidson has seen very encouraging results in patients with cartilage damage, primarily of the knee, as many patients are reporting less pain and able to do more activities. Preliminary findings suggest that damaged joints are actually being restored. This is very exciting, as all other forms of injection and medication only serve to decrease inflammation and do not restore tissues.

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