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On average, around 80% of orthopedic injuries can be diagnosed over our platform and it offers some great information if you are interested in learning more. 

Check out the FAQ’s below:
Virtual appointments are a secure way for you to hold a telehealth consultation with Dr. Davidson. This allows a HIPAA-compliant chat and video call. It’s encrypted, so health data is secure.

What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare over modern communication methods. This is done with HIPAA compliant secure video chat (phone, tablet, or desktop).

What are the patient benefits?
Simplified Access, Eliminate travel needs, Can be seen/treated from anywhere.

How much does it cost?
The visit is billed to your insurance and coverage is the same as if you were in the office for an in-person visit.

Do I need WIFI?
WiFi is not required if calling from an active mobile device, but highly recommended. You will need the ability to connect to the internet, so if you do not have WiFi at your location you will need a mobile device with LTE, 4G or 3G service.

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Joint Resurfacing is a surgical approach that restores only the damaged part of the joint, preserving all the healthy components. This is more minimally invasive than Total Joint Replacement.

cartilage restoration

Cartilage Restoration is an array of treatments and procedures designed to restore the natural lining and tissues of the joint.

sports injuries

Sports Injury treatment is a variety of procedures to repair and restore damaged knee and shoulder tissues. Including Knee: ACL tears, Meniscus Tears, Patellofemoral (knee cap) Pain. Shoulder: Rotator Cuff Tears, Shoulder instability and labral tears.


Dr. Davidson has made it the guiding principle of his practice to offer an ever increasing array of surgical options to restore damaged knees and help return patients to active lifestyles.


Dr. Davidson uses the most current techniques to repair, reconstruct and resurface damaged shoulders as needed. Patients come to Dr. Davidson for treatment of a wide variety of shoulder concerns.

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