#1 – Tendinitis

Phil Davidson, MD – Utah Orthopedic Surgeon


Tendon inflammation and the associated pain are arguably the most common cause of knee pain. There are many tendons attaching around the knee that can each suffer from acute or chronic inflammation. The most common being the patellar tendon. This pain has been called “jumper’s knee,” and other names to describe the marked and typically dull pain just below the patella. Other tendons subject to inflammation and possible pain sources include the quadriceps and hamstrings. Tendinitis is usually the result of overuse, but imbalance and injury can contribute to this pain.

Tendinitis pain is typically treated non surgically. The first stage of treatment often involves therapy and specific stretching and exercise to restore balance and limit overloading of the inflamed tendons. Medications (oral and topical), bracing, and injection therapies are often used to treat this pain. The use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) has shown a very significant benefit to healing damaged tendons. We are using PRP daily in the clinic to treat tendon pain.

If you are currently suffering from knee pain, the first step is to determine what may be causing your pain. Only once we identify the source of pain (diagnosis) can we outline and consider diagnosis-specific solutions, ranging from simple measures such as ice and exercises to surgery, which is often minimally invasive.

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