#2 – Osteoarthritis

Phil Davidson, MD – Utah Orthopedic Surgeon


This condition is common amongst patients over 50 years of age or in individuals that have suffered knee trauma.  Osteoarthritis can involve the entire knee or just individual sections.  The cause is usually related to a combination of congenital predisposition and “wear and tear.” Early diagnosis and active management are essential with this condition as Osteoarthritis is typically progressive and worsens over time. Patients dealing with Osteoarthritis often feel aching pain, which can be occasionally sharp.

Treatment of Osteoarthritis is typically conducted as a sequential plan. Early measures include exercise, weight loss, oral medications, and therapy. Bracing and injection therapies can be helpful in many cases. Total and Partial knee replacement or resurfacing is often necessary when conservative measures fail to provide relief.

If you are currently suffering from knee pain, the first step is to determine what may be causing your pain. Only once we identify the source of pain (diagnosis) can we outline and consider diagnosis-specific solutions, ranging from simple measures such as ice and exercises to surgery, which is often minimally invasive.

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