Top 5 Causes of Knee Pain

Phil Davidson, MD – Utah Orthopedic Surgeon


Dealing with knee pain? Learn more about the top causes of knee pain and see what you can do to start feeling better today!

Pain affects millions of Americans, and knee pain is one of the leading sources of this discomfort.  Most people don’t know the source of their knee pain or how to treat the symptoms.

  • In this article, we share insight on the “TOP FIVE” list of knee pain.
  • Fortunately, knee pain is treatable in most cases.
  • Davidson Orthopedics encourages you to seek expert advice, understand your knee pain, and work together to restore an active, pain-free lifestyle.

We hope you will find this resource useful in your path back to a pain-free, healthy knee.

If you are currently suffering from knee pain, the first step is to determine what may be causing your pain. Only once we identify the source of pain (diagnosis) can we outline and consider diagnosis-specific solutions, ranging from simple measures such as ice and exercises to surgery, which is often minimally invasive.

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